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I announced that patches would go to whoever did a rake or a pullback during a game. They were running over to me during the game to make sure I noticed when they did it to make sure they win their patches. - Coach Don, TN

U8 is a transitional year in soccer which makes it tough for a lot of players and coaches. SoccerHelp's Coach Doug believes, and I agree, that it would be best if leagues didn't allow goalkeepers at U8 – that would encourage all players to play better defense.

The motivational patches work! All the players on the team are now aggressive and ready to play and earn the merit patches. G.W., MO, USA

How soccer players can learn great soccer skills by having them play Soccer Drills that are Games.

I noticed that the Gold Star patches have helped bring out some good leadership in my players and the D patch works wonders for my defensive players. -Sean